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A social network in the form of a single-page application based on the Backbone JS framework.

I set up and architectured the frontend side of this application and have built the main functionalities on this social network based around the users' interests and their locations.

User-generated content is at the heart of this application, with events and posts being some of the items users can share with their contacts.

From a pure technical point of view, I was in charge of creating the various models and views in the application using Backbone JS, creating reusable components, structuring the code and implementing the functionalities discussed with the client and the backend team beforehand.

I also defined with the backend developers the various endpoints for the REST API, used to communicate with the frontend and the content of those depending on our needs.

Finally, I was also in charge of creating the HTML & CSS (responsive) of some components and was also responsible for code reviews of my fellow frontend developers (via PR).

On top of using Grunt as a task manager to handle image minification or code reloading amongst other things, there are also extensive Google Maps or media / video integration (album creation and management etc...) aspects to the project. Finally, a complete backend stack is supporting the frontend architecture (Java, S3, AWS, Redis, Elastic Search)